Infants and Children photograph best in simple clothing. Pastels and whites are always beautiful and classic for any age group, while older children also look adorable in bright and colorful clothes, hats and jackets. Please keep patterns to a minimum as well as logos and brand names. I create portraits that reflect your true child, so bring that tutu, cowboy hat, tiara...whatever will bring a smile remembering those special phases of your child's life.


Pre-teens and Teens love to express their unique personality through their portraits. If they have hobbies or outdoor activities they participate in, feel free to bring props or equipment that will reflect who they are. Again, simple clothing photographs best. For outdoor portraits, earth tones are always a great choice.


For Families and Group Portraits of 2 or more people, it is important that clothing type and colors be coordinated. Long sleeves and like-solid colored clothing make for the most beautiful portraits. Classic clothing choices include: white tops, shirts or sweaters with khaki pants & skirts; black tops, shirts or sweaters with blue jeans; and coordinated earth tone shirts or sweaters with jeans.